SECCANT Regeneration Dryer - Safe and Low Maintenance Drying of Air

Non-thermal adsorption
dryer for AIR
Free air capacity Pressure range
Drying Drying and removal of oil l/min m³/h cfm bar
SECCANT III SECCANT III A 100-1500 6-90 3,5-53 90 – 350 90 – 420
SECCANT IV SECCANT IV A 1500-3500 90-210 53-124 90 – 350 90 – 400

Reasons for drying compressed air and gases

Compressed air and gases contain moisture and other contaminants that, if not removed from the air stream, may cause serious damage to the compressor system, tools and test pieces. Costly repairs and maintenance can result from accumulated corrosion, icing and dirt. The development of a failsafe, cost effective regeneration dryer for operating pressures of up to 420 bar is an answer to the rising demand for dry and clean high pressure compressed air and gases.

How high pressure dryers work

Drying of the air and gas stream is achieved through adsorption. The molecular sieve with very large surface area accumulates water molecules from the gas stream. This process is reversible, that is, molecular sieve saturated with water molecules can be regenerated by a desorption process. Regeneration is achieved using a partial stream (maximum 5%) of the already dried medium. The low requirement of air for regeneration is due to the large difference in pressure between the between the operating pressure of 90–350/420 bar and the regeneration pressure, which corresponds to atmospheric pressure of 1 bar / 14.5 psi absolute. The regenerating air is channelled through the saturated molecular sieve and regenerates the adsorber by means of the partial decrease in line pressure.

To guarantee continuous operation, two high pressure desiccating chambers containing drying agent cartridges operate in alternate cycles; the incoming moist gas is dried in one chamber, while the other one is regenerated at the same time. The BAUER SECCANT automatically reverses the drying/regeneration process by diverting the compressed air to the regenerated second chamber before the first reaches saturation point.

The dried air is subsequently directed through a particle filter and leaves the drying unit through a pressure-maintaining valve. Further details are listed in the category design details.

Diagram of a Ready-to-run Compressor System

Compression Treatment Storage Distribution



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