High Pressure Gas Compressors for Inert Gases (Nitrogen), GI Range 350–500 bar


Model F.A.D. * Number of stages Speed Motor power Power consumption Net Weight VERTICUS 5
l/min m³/h cfm rpm kW kW app. kg
Technical Data VERTICUS Range
GI 15.11-7,5-5 310 18,6 11 4 960 7,5 7 440
GI 15.11-11-5 420 25,2 15 4 1320 11 10,4 450
GI 18.1-15-5 550 33,0 19,5 5 1320 15 12,4 480

Horizontal version

Model Free air delivery * Number of stages Speed Motor power GI 25
l/min m³/h cfm rpm kW
Technical Data GI Range (Horizontal version)
GI 25.9-45 1900 114 67 5 1180 45
GI 25.18-55 2300 138 80 5 1100 55

* Conveying volume flow rate acc. to ISO 1217

Standard Scope of Supply

Compressor Unit » Details of the Large Industrial Series (horizontal version) or VERTICUS

  • Oil lubrication (high pressure oil pump)
  • Micronicintake filter
  • Air cooled inter and after coolers for all compressor stages
  • Intermediate and final separators for oil and water condensate
  • Safety valvesafter each compressor stage, final safety valve (T?V certified)
  • Pressure maintaining valve after last compressor stage

Automatic condensate drain

  • Automatically drains oil and water in the intermediate and final separator while the unit operates

Electronic control

  • MINI-VERTICUS III:Electronic control; the unit monitors relevant compressor parameters
  • VERTICUS and large industrial series:Compressor control(consisting of B-CONTROL and possibly extensions); the unit monitors relevant compressor parameters

Frame, housing

  • MINI-VERTICUS III:Sound absorbing housing ensure quiet running, anti-vibration mounts for foundationless installation
  • VERTICUS and large industrial series:Open frame with anti-vibration mounts for foundationless installation

Optional Accessories MINI-VERTICUS III

  • Filter system P41 or P61 (only for the models MV-I, -GI and GIB)
  • SECURUS Filter Monitoring Unit (only for the models MV-I, -GI and GIB)
  • Interstage pressure gauge
  • Intake pressure reduction (only for the models GI and GIB)
  • Extended base frame for up to 2 HP storage cylinders
  • Special voltage

Optional Accessories VERTICUS and large industrial series

Super Silent Housing

  • Sound absorbing housing ensure quiet running

Cooling Air System

  • Regulates thecooling air intake quantity and temperature for ambient temperatures below +5°C
  • available exclusively for super silent units

Electric Control

  • Additional monitoring parameters

Air Purification Systems

  • Drying, purification and particle filtration

Spare Parts Kits

  • Valve kits, replacements for worn parts

Additional Services

Unit tailored to precisely meet your expectations

Planning of your installation, unit layout Ready-to-use installation

Maintenance schedules, Servicing, Service contracts

Technical training on unit service and maintenance

Diagram of a Ready-to-run Compressor System

Compression Treatment Storage Distribution

Large Industrial Series (Horizontal version) Compressor: GI 25.0-45 "Super-Silent"

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