BAUER Air Purification Systems purify high pressure air to a quality that meets or exceeds the requirements of CGA Pamphlet G-7, Compressed Air for Human Respiration, ANSI/CGA G-7.1, Commodity Specification for Air, Grade E, and all other recognized standards for breathing air.

Technical Data

Purification System Air Processing Capability + Purification System Air Processing Capability +
Up to 6000 PSI Service
P0 ++ 3,200 cu. ft. P31 ++ 11,760 cu. ft.
P2 40,000 cu. ft. P41 28,700 cu. ft.
P2 SECURUS 67,000 cu. ft. P41S 47,000 cu. ft.
P5 90,000 cu. ft. P42 64,000 cu. ft.
P5 SECURUS 150,000 cu. ft. P42S 107,000 cu. ft.
P10 140,000 cu. ft. P43 100,000 cu. ft.
P10 SECURUS 230,000 cu. ft. P43S 164,000 cu. ft.
P12 SECURUS * 420,000 cu. ft.    
P14 SECURUS * 650,000 cu. ft.    

* P12 and P14 only available with SECURUS.

+ Air Processing Capability based on standard inlet conditions, 68o F., a Pressure of 14.70 psia and a relative humidity of 36% (0.0750 density).

++ 5000 PSI Maximum Pressure, Triplex Design is not incorporated on a panel.

SECURUS II - Purification Moisture Monitoring for Pure Breathing Air

SECURUS II ensures 100% utilization of the air processing cartridges because the moisture sensor is embedded directly in the molecular sieve. The SECURUS cartridge, with its moisture sensor, is the last cartridge in the air processing system. SECURUS II is powered from the PLC Control System and provides for automatic warning and shutdown when the SECURUS cartridge becomes saturated.

The SECURUS II can be mounted locally to the SECURUS cartridge chamber or to the compressor’s control panel. SECURUS II is available for working pressures from 2000 – 6000 PSIG and flow rates to 125 SCFM

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