AERO-GUARD for Removal of CO2 from Breathing Air, 100 - 680 l/min

 Air flow: 100 - 680 l/min

 Lifetime: 50 – 300 h


 Easy handling

AERO-GUARD reduces the CO2 content of breathing air far beyond the limiting values of the DIN EN 12021.

Due to the constantly increasing CO2-concentration in the air (due to unfavourable environmental influences), operators from filling stations find it more and more difficult to observe the limiting values for CO2 in a reliable way. With AERO-GUARD the operator is always on the safe side.

Long Cartridge Lifetime - Economic Operation

By means of an ingenious (1) bypass-system the suction air is guided through AERO-GUARD. Only approx. 2/3 of the intake air goes through the (2) filter cartridge, which absorbs the CO 2. As a consequence the CO2 content is reduced down to 1/3 of the value of the intake air - far beyond the strict limiting values of the DIN EN 12021. At the same time extremely long cartridge lifetimes are reached. The moistening of the air at the (3) bottom of the receptacle provides an optimum efficiency of the filter under all circumstances - even in very dry climate!

Economic operation

For a FAD of 680 l/min the filter element has a lifetime of 50 operating hours. If FAD is lower, the lifetime of the filter cartridge increases accordingly!

Easy handling and maintenance-free

The filter element can be easily replaced without any tools. At the same time the water of the receptacle has to be exchanged, which guarantees optimum function of the filter medium - ready!

Technical Data AERO-GUARD

Air flow: 100 - 680 l/min
Lifetime: 50 operating hours (680 l/min FAD and 1000 ppm-vol intake concentration CO2) / 1 year, even if operating hours are not yet reached.
CO2-intake concentration: max. 1000 ppm-vol CO2
CO2-outlet concentration: 1/3 of intake concentration = max. 330 ppm-vol CO2 at 1000 ppm-vol intake concentration CO2
Rel. humidity of intake air: 10 to 100 %
Ambient temperature: +5 to +45 °C
Intake air temperature: +5 to +45 °C

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